We use ground-breaking methods to solve large, complex business optimization problems and provide the fastest, most reliable result.

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SimpleRose’s mission is to challenge the limits of optimization.

We enable optimal decision-making in an increasingly complex world where the proliferation of data and growing scope of organizations make it challenging to determine the best outcome.

Our optimization platform is built for the peta/exascale age, leveraging algorithmic innovation on a massively parallel architecture to solve existing problems exponentially faster and tackle larger problems that are infeasible using conventional optimization solutions.

Our applications include scheduling, production planning, and portfolio optimization, solving high-value problems that result in hundreds of millions of dollars of improvement to our customers' bottom line.

Our advantages

Unprecedented Speed and Scaling

Proprietary architecture enables massive parallelism, resulting in thousands of times in speedup.

Differentiated Numerical Accuracy

Automatically prevents a problem from drifting into infeasibility and controls round-off errors.

Dynamic Programming

Continuous analysis updates for real-time variable changes, eliminating onerous and costly reruns and enabling rapid what-if analysis.


With years of experience creating, funding, and managing successful high-tech ventures, our founders came together around their passion for unlocking technical innovation.

"Nothing tends so much to the advancement of knowledge as the application of a new instrument.”
–Sir Humphry Davy

Carl Ledbetter

Co-Founder, Chairman & CTO

Prior to co-founding SimpleRose, Carl was Managing Partner at Pelion Venture Partners for 10+ years and has served on the boards of 20+ companies. Previous to his venture capital career, Carl held senior executive positions at IBM, AT&T, Sun Microsystems, ETA Systems/Control Data, and Novell. Carl holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Clark University.

Marti Martindale

Co-Founder & COO

Prior to co-founding SimpleRose, Marti founded a management consulting agency. Before that, she led the product management group at ETA Systems, the supercomputing subsidiary of Control Data. Marti holds a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Dartmouth College.

Mike Anthony

Head of Engineering

Mike has 30 years of experience in software development and management. He is a highly skilled software architect and developer with extensive experience building cloud-based and SaaS applications, micro services, server applications, and desktop software. He nurtures his passion for games and ComicCon and does not hide his enthusiasm for all things Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, and Disney World.

Dr. Scott Johnson

Principal HPC Engineer / Tech Lead

Scott is an entrepreneurial-minded engineer with an interest in high-performance computing, complex systems, and analytics applied in a variety of problem spaces. He previously founded, funded, and successfully exited a company that developed simulation software for the upstream oil and gas industry. He enjoys traveling with his wife and young son and knows more about primates than anybody else in the company.

Mark Ostroot

HPC Engineer

Mark is our GPU expert who began his career working with vision systems and is now helping us build our CUDA expertise with best practices, tools, and methodologies. In addition to his tenacious commitment to working out and serving as company liaison for the St. Louis cultural scene, he enjoys picking locks. Fortunately, he can run fast in the event lock-picking doesn’t go well.

Palaniappan Chellappan

Optimization Engineer

Palaniappan enjoys mathematical modeling, linear and nonlinear optimization methods, and exploring heuristic solutions. He developed an on-demand transportation system that is a mashup between ride sharing and fixed route buses. Palaniappan prefers his own cooking so much that it is difficult to talk him into going out to eat at a restaurant. He also has a wicked sense of humor.

Erika Olsen

Manager of People & Culture

We all know who really makes things work at SimpleRose. It’s Erika. Without her, none of us would get paid. It’s generally a good idea to stay on her good side as a result. Which is exactly why we’ll just say she’s awesome. In addition to completing the LaunchCode’s CoderGirl program, she is becoming a LaTeX guru to support our documentation. She types so fast that we had to put her in her own office to control the noise.

Todd Bradfute

Principal Security Architect

Todd is a Cloud and Security architect.  He has a colorful history working in many different business domains, including supercomputing, financial, gaming, and business execution, to name a few.  We’re pretty sure he is secretly running a side company that makes bowties, and is trying to boost sales by demonstrating their trendiness (especially on Fridays).

Chris Geers

Principal Systems Architect

Chris is a passionate developer, systems architect, and DevOps wizard that comes to us with over a decade of experience in building large scale, automated software service platforms.  Besides keeping up with his young kids, he's also a big tech nerd and we hear rumors that his home is heavily automated, nicknamed "Skynet", and is on the verge of becoming self-aware. We've been assured that this poses no imminent danger, however.

Dave Hiatt

Principal HPC Architect

Dave began his career with the DoD and has worked on large-scale projects requiring ultra high-speed accuracy. Since then, he has moved into the far more dangerous world of the financial industry, focusing on high-speed financial analysis and supercomputing.

Ferenc Molnar

Senior HPC Engineer

Ferenc has a strong background in computational modeling and numerical simulations, along with many years of experience with HPC and GPU computations. He previously worked in academia on diverse research projects ranging from network dynamics to boolean satisfiability. He also enjoys exploring the cuisine from countries all around the world. Rumor has it he can make awesome pancakes.

Tim Ginn

Senior Software Architect

Tim Ginn has been working as a software engineer since 2011.  His background includes architecture and full-stack development.  He has a passion for problem solving, designing optimized elegant solutions to tricky problems, and absolutely shredding his classical guitar.  And we’re talking real guitar, none of this fake plastic button-driven Guitar Hero video game stuff!

Noah Ledbetter

Senior HPC Engineer

Noah has an interest in complex data structures and problems, which led to an early fascination with the brain and all things neuronal. He pursued a PhD in Biomedical engineering focusing on brain-machine interfaces and real-time decoding of intention from neural signals. This fostered an interest in high-performance computing, neural-networks, eigendecomposition, and linear modeling. He is also an avid board gamer and long time RPG dungeon master and player, explaining his tendency to roll a d20, charge into conference rooms, and shout “Leeroy Jenkins!”

Sion Ledbetter

Optimization Engineer

Sion Ledbetter has a varied background, starting as an army medic serving in Iraq where he discovered a penchant for solving logic puzzles. That fascination ultimately led to completing a Ph.D. and Master of Arts in mathematics, and writing a dissertation on the intersection of classical and quantum information theory. Prior to joining SimpleRose, he was an Operations Research and Systems Analyst for the US Army. Nowadays he is focusing on mathematical theory and its implementation in our software. Old habits die hard, however, and he is often spotted checking boxes for cats.

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